PIB Poland

Linked by Offshore Wind: Poland and the Netherlands

A public-private partnership

Economic ties between Poland and the Netherlands are booming. Exports and investments between the two countries are also rapidly growing. And together, we face the same challenges: growing demand for energy, CO2 emissions and climate change, all contributing to our ambitious transition to renewable energy - made even more urgent by recent developments in energy security.

Across these fields, the Netherlands is cooperating closely with our Polish partners, government and other organisations. With Poland seeking to develop their offshore wind energy value chain, the Netherlands can support their mission through knowledge and expertise exchange.

What can we offer?

  • Innovative and cost-effective offshore wind energy solutions with proven technology and compliance to the highest standards of regulation in the following areas:

    • R&D

    • Foundations

    • Vessel design

    • Transport & installation

    • Ports

    • Operations & maintenance

  • Guidance and support in the making and implementation of renewable energy laws, policy and regulation on both municipal and government level

  • Experience in managing important stakeholders and bringing together relevant parties: government institutions, businesses, research institutes and local stakeholders

  • Ample international experience in sharing offshore wind energy knowledge and expertise

By working together, we can accelerate the transition to more sustainable energy sources. Let’s exchange information, knowledge, and technology to inspire each other and the rest of the world, how we can supply the energy demands of the future.

Read the news item on the launch of this PIB here

Our vision

The Netherlands is strongly committed to achieving international climate agreements, but we know we can’t do it alone. International collaboration and strong partnerships are key in moving to a more sustainable future. Offshore wind energy is one of the many prospects within our reach. Not only does it contribute massively to the energy transition, it also offers promising economic growth and employment opportunities. Let’s work together to advance offshore wind

Partners for International Business

PIB Linked by Offshore Wind is a public-private partnership and part of the programme ‘Partners for International Business’. The partnership includes the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, which is a government agency with access to a global network of embassies, such as the embassy in Poland. Together with our Polish partners, we aim to develop offshore wind solutions for both Poland and the Netherlands.

Contact information

For more information on this PIB, contact the Coordinator Linked by Offshore Wind Poland- the Netherlands

Elro van den Burg
Mail: e.vandenburg@pibowepolen.pl
mob: +48 608 490 395