Clarksons Port Services BV

Clarksons Port Services is the logistical provider of a wide range of services for the Offshore Energy Industry:

Port & Vessel Agency:

We provide full turnkey solutions, tailored to your specific project requirements. Our comprehensive range of port agency services allows us to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for clients across the marine and Offshore energy industries. Working closely with clients, vessel owners and port operators, we provide best-in-class port agency services to ships, whether on charter or awaiting orders. We provide complete transparency to our global based clients in all our facets of activities and provide the best service in the industry.

Helicopter Logistics:

Our Helicopter Aviation experts are running the daily air logistics for most of the O&G Operators and Offshore Wind related clients. Via our Helicopter Coordination Center (HCC). We take care of your crew changes, hoisting flights and helicopter freight handling, including chartering of helicopters - We got you covered for the whole package, including husbandry services for your crew.

3PL Warehousing & Freight Forwarding:

Our Warehousing & Logistics Department takes care about your equipment & Freight forwarding of your shipments. Via our web based warehouse management system, with barcode scanning and a client portal, you are able to view your own equipment in stock at our warehousing bases. Handling shipments and storage via our barcode scanning system provides efficient handling of stock materials, clear manifesting and solid reporting to our customers.

Clarksons Port Services is an AEO certified company. This AEO Certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) is issued by Tax Service and Customs to Companies that operate internationally. It regards us within the European Union as being safe and reliable, especially where Customs activities and (bonded) warehouse procedures are concerned.



Den Helder, Noord Holland




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