Wind & water works video

Being at the forefront of the rapid development of offshore wind in our own country, we are keen to share our experiences and knowledge with others. Developing offshore wind farms requires dedicated teamwork, collaboration, and innovation across the board to ensure every wind farm has a safe and sustainable future.

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Let's show the world that wind & water works!

The Dutch can significantly contribute to any offshore wind development project in the world, based on a vast and unprecedented track record, a well-established supply chain and our entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s work together to utilise the full potential of offshore wind energy; to contribute to our global climate goals, whilst transforming our business models to serve the sustainable society of tomorrow. We are ready to show the world that wind and water works!

The Dutch Approach

Wind & water works reflects the expertise and innovative approach of Dutch companies and government in the field of offshore wind energy.

With 4.5 GW capacity installed and under development today, the Dutch offshore wind roadmap leads up to 11 GW operational offshore wind power in 2030. These ambitious goals enable us to maintain our position in the top 3 of largest offshore wind countries in Europe.

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