PIB United States


The Dutch offshore wind supply chain and its sectoral integrated approach focuses on state of the art technology, experience and expertise of major European projects. Our experience may highly benefit the development of the American offshore wind market. The overall objective of PIB US is to establish and strengthen the relations between Dutch businesses and all relevant stakeholders in the North-East and Mid-Atlantic States of the USA. These stakeholders include local public sector and private decision makers, such as developers, (marine) contractors, local subcontractors, local and national knowledge institutes, wind power and renewable energy associations such as BNOW, AWEA and CESA, and ports and shipyards. With the efforts foreseen in this pubic private partnership we strive to help our US partners with their energy transition.

Activities within the program:

  1. Increase awareness of and exposure for the Dutch offshore wind sector in US markets by organizing promotional events.

  2. Establish connections that have the potential to expand business relationships between the Dutch and US sectors.

  3. Support the exchange of knowledge on a high level.

The Netherlands-US cooperation in the offshore wind energy sector also gets shape through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Foreign Trade and Development and the US Department of Interior - Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) which came in place in April 2019. Through the MoU both partners work on sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices within the offshore wind sector. Topics that are being exchanged, include policy exchange, risk management, environmental and ecological impact of offshore wind parks, stakeholder management and cost reduction.

How to join?

The PIB US program is open to all Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions within the Dutch Offshore Wind Supply chain. For more information please contact:

Arjen Schutten, Managing Director
Arjen@hhwe.eu | +31-6-4636 3854

Eline Timmer
Eline@hhwe.eu | +31-6-5124 9079

Chris Hanson, Liaison Officer

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
For advice tailored to your business case please contact us directly at innovatiemissie@rvo.nl.

Barbara Staals,
Program Manager Partners for International Business
Barbara.staals@rvo.nl or PIB@rvo.nl

Cluster participants