PIB Ireland

In September 2023, 10 Dutch companies with substantial background in the global offshore wind supply chain joined the Partners for International Business (PIB) program ‘Offshore Wind Ireland’ to promote the Dutch sector and engage in the Irish offshore wind market. The basis of this three-year strategy program was laid during the organization of multiple (online) wind missions to Ireland, B2B meetings and knowledge exchange sessions together with the Irish supply chain.

The overall objective of the PIB ‘Offshore Wind Ireland’ is to establish and strengthen the relationship between Dutch businesses and all relevant stakeholders in Ireland, including (local) public sector and private decision makers, such as developers, (marine) contractors, local subcontractors, local and national knowledge institutes, wind power and renewable energy associations, and ports and shipyards. Goal is to work together to accelerate the energy transition.

The Dutch offshore wind supply chain
Dutch offshore wind supply chain has a unique and considerable history above and below the sea level that produced associated renowned governance and industry in water works and we have used that to create a successful offshore wind energy industry, importantly a commercial supply chain benefiting wind-water power generation needs and regions of economic growth.

In our approach to develop offshore wind, we continue to build upon our shared core values of:

  • Inventiveness: a 'can-do' mentality always looking for innovative yet pragmatic solutions;

  • Inclusivity: 'win-win-win' solutions, long-term collaborations and trade  transcending sectors and sovereign borders.

  • Openness: we value freedom, transparency, and clarity.

Connect with the Dutch wind energy supply chain

Are you interested in seeking collaboration with the Dutch wind energy sector? Reach out to us via the contact details at the right side of this page. More information about the Dutch PIB cluster you can find via the company profiles below.



Our vision

Offshore wind power is a central role in our planet's future and will help meet international climate change agenda, create economic growth, add significant jobs and ensure a significantly growing and sustainable, low carbon, electricity supply for the long term.

Members & Partners

As of today the PIB cluster consists of the companies: GustoMSC, HSM Offshore, Lobster Robotics, Mammoet, Monobase Wind, N-Sea, Rohyal BAM Group NV, TNO, TU Delft & Van Oord, with PIB coordination by Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE).The full overview including short company profiles is given at the bottom of this page.

How to reach us or join?

The PIB Ireland program is open to all Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions within the Dutch Offshore Wind Supply chain. For more information please contact:

Arjen Schutten, Managing Director
arjen@hhwe.eu | +31-6-4636 3854

Eline Timmer, Manager International Events
eline@hhwe.eu | +31-6-5124 9079

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
Frans Kortekaas, Business Development Advisor & Project Advisor
frans.kortekaas@rvo.nl | +31 6 15 87 89 18